GoVenture Card Game SKU: GVCG

PRICE INCLUDES SHIPPING & TAXES (Canada and USA).  Move over Monopoly, there’s a new Entrepreneur ... in town. A new business-themed game that moves fast with fun strategy. Add a fantasy sci-fi themed version called Monster — Zombies, Vampires, Orcs, Merfolk, Werewolves, and Dragons — and you have the GoVenture Card Game. The GoVenture Card Game is fast and easy to play but deep in strategy. Novice and experienced players, kids and adults, will have fun playing together. You will be amazed to discover the depth of the gameplay that is revealed as you play. Follow every turn and every decision, or just play casually. Play with 2 players, or up to 6, in a single game. Includes over 300 cards with engaging graphics and game rules that are easy to read and follow. Each game plays for 10 to 30 minutes (or longer with 6 players). More ways to play are included on the game website. Find out more at


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